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Pisa – a city of just under 100,000 people is by far the most boring place I have been in Italy. Besides the Piazza Dei Miracoli – a small square … Continue reading

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TRAVEL GADGET: Crumpler vis-a-vis Luggage

whoa!!! Wait a minute! Isn’t Crumpler – yeah, the stick man meets jelly fish with bad hair day – known for its soft-shell camera bags and backpacks?!? So what’s this … Continue reading

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POV + {travel tips}: Brussels Comic Strip Trail

Belgian comics hold a special place in the history of art and writing, and Brussels showcases this distinct history beautifully… even in the form of comics! Fact is Peyo’s Smurfs still … Continue reading

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Burgertown, USA: America’s Most Unique Burgers

For all hamburger lovers, this blog (referencing the blog and infographics by perk your day up. Note the hamburgers featured in their infographic are apparently for the truly adventurous eater. Whether you like … Continue reading

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MY TRAVEL DIARY: upside down house of Borneo

OK. I can’t really call it travel in my usual sense. This was work related … and let’s just say, I was bored bonkers out of my brains and tacky would … Continue reading

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ME? A Baseball Official Scorebook?

Well, you know my fascination with notebooks. I make them. I did sell them in a swanky office supplies shop in New York once… but mostly I buy them. And … Continue reading

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i love boutique hotels: Ipoh, Perak, MALAYSIA

+/- five years ago I called my dad up for lunch in a typical sweltering hot under the zinc roofing type of makeshift restaurant that always seems to serve the … Continue reading

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TRAVEL DIARY: Bale Mountain, Ethiopia

2,717 kms | 4,377 meters elevation | 10:34 a.m. | 5 degrees Celsius Only thought in my mind? Putting deodorant on is truly an act of bravery … Note, the milk … Continue reading

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TRAVEL DIARY: Day 10 – Moyale (Ethiopian side)

Ethiopia! Finally, I made it. Trust me, I am far from enthusiastic, as the statement above may suggest. Moyale is Moyale on either side – i.e. Kenya or Ethiopia, in … Continue reading

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TRAVEL TIPS: Most Visited Countries in the World

If you’ve ever wondered which country was the most popular tourist destination, here’s a lucky find on my part that will satisfy your curiosity. The map below shows which countries get … Continue reading

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