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TRAVEL GADGETS: that’s too weird…

Like publicity, bad or good, it’s publicity… and that’s exactly what this post is about.

I mean, who knows, someone may actually think the gadget is good/ useful and plain “wow!” … the inventors and investors did, didn’t they?

p{Haque} Travel Gadget_Tugo CupTugo Cup

It sits in a hammock that’s strung between the upright handles of your rolling luggage.

Sure, it frees a hand. But is it really a more a convenient way to transport a cup of coffee? I don’t suppose they thought of the eminent risks of scalding one’s ankles as the coffee sloshes around.; $12.95.

p{Haque} Travel Gadget_HumidiFlyerHumidiFlyer

No no! It’s not fashionable to look like a fly! Invented by a flight attendant {who I assure you gets a jolt of excitement demonstrating the “should an oxygen mask fall from the above compartment…” bits of the safety instructions, this contraption allows the wearer to breath moist air throughout the flight, thus reducing sinus and other breathing related problems … and even jet lag, if used long enough.

Only one way to find out: brave the gawking fellow passengers and strap it on!; $65.

p{Haque} Travel Gadget_Stash CardStash Card

The intend is to fit small almost flat highly valuable items into this fiddly mouse-trap-meets-credit-card inspired compartment that will slide comfortably (?) into that empty PCMCIA slot in your laptop and magic! you have a hidden safe.

Two problems: hiding a couple of greenback inside a valuable? And what PCMCIA slot?

Seems counterproductive to me.; $9.95.

p{Haque} Travel Gadget_Pickpocket AlarmPickpocket Alarm

Doberman Security’s watchdog is contrary to the name a SMALL device that holds cell phones and wallets securely with those tiny string/ “cable” and emits a deafening 95-decibel alarm when triggered by the pull of the pin.

Here’s the problem. Other than the need to bore a hold in your wallet to string the string/ “cable” through, you’ll be sharing the hospital emergency room with your pickpocket-ers … and possibly some auditory-impaired people who happened to be around. Thank you lucky stars if you escape without a legal suit.; $0.98.

p{Haque} Travel Gadget_Banan CasingBanana Protector

OK. If you’re one of those OCD types (like me) who suffers terrible consequences from looking at a squished banana, this may be a God-sent British-designed product.

Despite the above, it’s too weird for me and I can’t help wondering what it the bananas are all not shaped to precision?

In any case, if you need potassium to keep your traveler’s fatigue at bay, try the more portable plantain (equally tasty as a banana) and the DIY or Japanese bargain stores for ripped-off version of this – at a mere $1.; $6.22.

p{Haque} Travel Gadget_Huge Swiss Army KnifeHuge Swiss Army Knife

Ahem. Frankly, I want this… just because … it does seem like the handiest handheld device on the planet with 87 (!) tools—including six razor-sharp blades, a fish scaler, a screwdriver, even a shotgun choke tube—in its 8.75-inch size.

Wenger’s Swiss Army Knife performs 141 functions in total, making it the only tool you’ll need on any camping trip … if you’re able to actually lift it with one hand and still be agile. No wait! First you’ll have a 1/87 chance of figuring out the tool you need.; $1,379.82.


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