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TRAVEL TIPS: Ed’s Rainier Summit Packing Checklist

I (used to) trek mountains, not climb mountains, contrary to the constant misconception which I have to correct time and time again. Somehow when I am midway through the explanation, I can sense the listeners excitement and admiration for me slipping away as air does from a leaky inflated balloon.

But why? Lots of amazing summits (some the highest in the region) are conquered without the need for belay carabiner, snap clip hook, rescue ascender,  bearpaw rigging plate, figure 9 rope tightener, polyamid sling …etc. etc. Occasionally the temptation to play along with the power of assumptions comes to mind. But what do I know about scaling these vertical stone walls or ice wallsI’ve put on a pair of crampons once, and tripped over trying to stand up, with my head landing barely a feet away for the Petzl ice axe.

The only thing I learnt from that a sure fire way to get anyone to remember your product/ company brand name is to ensure the person was just inches away from having their eyes skewered through by an ice pick or brain spilled with the skull being split by an ice axe.

So, somehow when I stumbled across Ed’s Rainer summit packing checklist, I got really excited … but not enough to get me dangling on a rope – considering the likes of Ed’s competitor’s (John Bernard Pawson) death, falling 800 metres in a climbing accident near the summit of Mt Aspiring near Wanaka, New Zealand, at the age of 48. For non-mountaineers,  Eddie Bauer founder – Ed Viesturs – is internationally respected as the only American to successfully summit all 14 of the world’s 8,000-meter peaks without using supplemental oxygen.

The extract below is from his company website, detailing  interesting and useful information of what was in his pack when he climb Rainier. Click HERE or the poster for the pdf version of his packing list




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