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TRAVEL GADGET: Shrinking Clothes with Space Bags?

They are notoriously expensive. I first bought 2 sets of “the original” Space Bag – yeah, that’s their tag line. {smirk}

It did shrink the clothes, but here’s the problem:

Space Bag1) it doesn’t quite fit into my 55L Backpack, unless I force bend it in a funny way … but that creates another problem of wasted nooks and corners which ordinarily I would have force stuffed (like a poor goose in a pate farm) with my lingerie, socks, and anything small,

2) with a backpack, you can’t be sure it these Space Bag that is made of plastic will get nicked or pricked along the way – a very expensive and frustrating business if that does happen,

3) it’s highly annoying to undo them repeatedly every time I need a garment – and like nails scratching against mirror, I find the sound of plastic bags being ruffled around equally irritating,

4) winter wear doesn’t get compressed much! you’re better off wearing them onto your flights and chucking them into the overhead compartments or beneath your seat – they make wonderful feet warmers too.

5) it does add to the overall weight of the luggage – plastic is not light.

Somehow despite these obvious logical facts that made the Space Bag impractical for my type of travel, especially when I have refined the art of packing over the years by purchasing notoriously over-priced but amazing quick-dry clothes that zips its entire bulk into it’s own pocket (allowing me to bring 2-3 of each item only that stacks up to almost nothing), I was convinced that if I got the Samsonite branded Space-Saver it will be better.

Travel Accessories Samsonite Space Saver BagsNeedless to say, I failed to read the packaging, not realizing that it’s made by “the original” Space Bags and not surprising, the Samsonite Space-Savers failed me on all fronts as described above.

I very quickly abandoned all of them with the collection of hard shell Samsonite I have, figuring they’ll be best used in flat cases rather than backpacks although I really am not hard pressed to compress clothes when I travel with the bulky hard cases.

Why? I tend to have door-to-door porter-age. I live in proper hotels. Hence, weight it not an issue where I am stranded to deal with what I chose to bring or in situation where modern facilities cease to exist.

In these travel situations as well, I don’t travel with my crease-and-wrinkle free fast drying clothes, but rather normal clothes – sometimes a formal wear or two is thrown in – where I’m generally better off using packing cubes that keeps things compressed and compartmentalized enough without causing creases.

What I’ve discovered, having google-d and gone into travel forums to uncover if the peculiarity of not liking Space Bag much is an isolated problem faced by me alone, to my dismay there are (a) many, many die hard fans who claims that the bags have not only served them well, but travels well with little damage, wear or tear as I had suspected otherwise, (b) a good bulk of them just uses the normal large Ziplock bags!!!

Oh well, I do occasionally fall for advertiser’s copyrighting. In this case, here’s what the Samsonite Space Savers have to say:

Save 50% more space
 Speed through airline security checks using the see-through bags to reduce bulk and sort and segregate your luggage
Airtight and waterproof protection
One way compression valve
Multi-layer laminate construction of nylon and polyethylene
Patented Sure-Zip slider closure system
 1 Small size 11.5″ x 13.5″
2 Medium size 13.5″ x 19.5″
1 Large size 18″ x 22.5″


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