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TRAVEL GADGET: Intelligent Pelican

This is for the young and foolhardy … or curious (with more than a shoestring budget).

Simply coz if you were seriously on a shoestring budget, you won’t be shopping for Über cool matchy-matchy travel kit.

For me, I’m way past expiration date (age wise) to toy with the idea of a gap year. Oh yeah, ya know, I currently fit squarely into the category that once got me all squeamish and feeling sorry for those there … as in those who are stuck in a wage paying 9 to 5 uninspiring but it pays the bills job with commitments stacked up to their eyeballs.

But frankly, you just never know when the ‘gap year’ is going to come around…
In short, there’s hope and ironically there’s suddenly a raison d’etre for these!!!

Honestly, I don’t have any of these Intelligent Pelican stuff.

I toyed with the idea of getting the travel kit for a good 5 minutes or so … then said “nah! That’s a lot of my ‘seashells‘”… and heck, even in we’re not talking about a weak ringgit, but in pounds, that is still a lot of moo-lah – no?

Besides, I’m happy with my microfibre towels, my Lifetrons electronics and interestingly neck pillow, my 1-ply Thai silk slip-in sleeping bag I had sewn works wonders and dries super fast, I keep losing my headlamps …or dropping them into drop hole toilets – the very moment I need them most … and once I swear I would have been better off without them; i.e. when the lights shone on hundreds of glassy looking pair of eyes across a swamp covered with toads/ frogs? I don’t know – I never stayed long enough to find out. The recollection of this is enough to send goose bumps up my arms as I type it down! Simply said: YUCKS

However, it’s these free postcard/ posters that got me cracking:



Check out their blog for some zanny suggestions around gap year ideas.



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