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TRAVEL BOOKS: (and stationery) by Herb Lester

Face it. I am a girlie girl at the core of it all with a fluffy well worn-out teddy.

I love quirky and cutesy. But, the Herb Lester Travel Guides ($7 and up), is seriously good.  [read: it’s not one of those fancy well illustrated things I like to add to my bursting bookshelves of guide books]

pHAque herb-lester-travel pHAque herb-lester-travel-guides

Yes, even in the era of the smartphone, and where there seems to be everyone carrying an iPad or some tablet in exchange of a guidebook and/or camera, I am still very much a hard-copy, coffee stained, dog-eyed soft cover guide book type of person with pencil scribbles and multi-coloured pen notations all around it.

As for camera? It’s the good ol’ faithful Leica.

Anyways, back to the Herb Lester Travel Guides – they are conceived and produced to serve as your go-to guides for the great cities of the world, and have within their lovely pages maps and illustrations from exceptional designers. You’ll have a choice of guides of European cities like London, Amsterdam, and Paris, or American cities like New York, Austin, and San Francisco.

They also offer collections of stationery and travel related (nice to have, not mandatory “survival” gear type) accessories, including bottle openers (oh ya! they are critical for those fermented wheat die-hard) and washi tape!



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