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MY TRAVEL DIARY: I’m in an intellectual desert!

It’s tough being a travelling geek being shoved into 5-star hotels without a computer and/ or free WiFi.

There, I’ve said it out loud. I AM A GEEK. That doesn’t bother me, obviously.

The fact that I don’t get complimentary connectivity bothers me. Seriously, surely what I’m paying for covers for it considering hostels, even brothels and half way homes provides it at no charge.

But why should this surprise me considering these establishments does not even have the decency to respect my basic human rights of having adequate light source!

With countless of paid adult movie channels barred, a handful in French, a scattering couple in Italian and German, with one Arabic – Al Jazeera, and five English channels – Eurosport, MTV, CNN, BBC and CNBC – I’ve been over toggling between the 3 last channels over the last 4 hours or so with terms like “Dell“, “China’s investments in Greece”, “Shell oil spill in Nigeria” and “Syria“, “Syria”, “Syria” numbing my brain.

The scene doesn’t change with print material. I’m able to comprehend only the International Herald Tribune!

That is to say it is the only available reading material lying around the hotel premises; pool, gym, bar, restaurant, conference centre, lobby and hotel room included. Less brochures on toy tourist “trains”, trips to Cannes, Monte Carlo, Saint-Topez, Cap D’Aul, Mandelieu-La Napoule, or even Roquebrune-Cap-Martin with Le Corbusier‘s cottage failed to entice or piqué my interest. I shall spare my ranting about those touristy “trains” that are actually metal boxes linked and pulled by a tractor in disguise for a later post of how my pig-headed stubbornness and denial of understanding what tram turrisimo in Andalusia had cost me!

And so long story short, I’d spent my time reading up on average salaries of countries in Europe – needless to say the small almost irrelevant countries stand tall above larger nations – and this does not even discount the economic crisis of Greece, Italy or Spain!

My “research” extended to GDP, PPP, population size, land size, various governmental set-up (Duchy being my favorite only cause it sounds quirky) and an assortment of other Facts & Figures for 3 hours on a teeny weeny touchscreen smart phone… with news channels playing in loops in the background.

Yes, there is no denying that I am a geek!

So while I am evidently struggling to write this on WordPress mobile apps … an American journalist is grilling the Italian Prime Minister. Maybe being an Asian I find his demeanor offensive, disrespectful and downright rude. Is this acceptable? Sure, freedom or speech and transparency and fair unbiased reporting must be upheld. But surely one can do it with more grace and dignity – no?



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