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I really can’t wait for Kite Patch to be available.

It’s nothing to do with the fact that my sister is always complaining about the incessant mosquitoes that perpetually hover around her ready to attack. Personally, I’ve not seen it. I suspect it’s just perception and she really should have married into the Tiger Balm, Mobiko, Kwan Loong Cap Dua Singa, or the Cap Kapak Haw Par families given the rate of her consumption of those  liquid parafin, camphor, menthol, methyl salicylate and eucalyptus mixes. I enjoy my comebacks of “hmmm… imagine what the elephant felt when he was diagnosed with malaria” too much to empathize with her ‘ordeal’! And trust me, even if she owned a 100 Kite Patch-es, the stock pile of those liquid parafin mixes will still be there.

My mosquito angst has reduced significantly with my limited outdoor exposure these days; save for perhaps a camping or trekking trip or two per year. And if you know me better, I had exposed myself to the possibility of malaria in exchange for fresh cool air and splattering rain drops when the humidity in my tent had gone way above tolerable sauna levels in Botswana 2 years back, praying that the four DEET soaked mossie bands I had attached on each limb would work wonders. Either it did, or the mossie’s had starving predators around my tent that had kept them away.


Kite Patch renders people virtually invisible to mosquitos, without the harmful, nasty chemicals found in many of the solutions we use today. They are small stickers (hence ‘patch’) that is developed with food-grade FDA approved compounds which you can adhere to your clothing that disrupts  – listen to this, you’re going to like this! – the mosquitos’ ability to detect the carbon dioxide we exhale.

The technology behind the project was funded by both the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the National Institutes of Health through UC Riverside. Through a recent successful crowd funding campaign via Indiegogo campaign (the project raised more than 500 percent of its goal), Kite Patch – Califronia-based start-up, Olfactor Laboratories – will begin a six-month pilot program in Uganda, where malaria is still the leading cause of morbidity and mortality, and where mosquito-born illnesses are more severe than anywhere else in the world.

Kite Patch augurs well with me more from the socialpreneurship standpoint … glad I’ve gotten them … now the wait begins.


Kite Patch’s Indiegogo campaign (above)

click HERE for Fact Sheet on Kite Patch




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