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TRAVEL TIPS: Connaught Place, Delhi – a book lover’s paradise

I ping mr.CNN with my Delhi mobile < paid my ‘pilgrimage’ to brother Salim>

As if by second nature I make my ‘pilgrimage’ to the New Book Land along Janpath whenever I’m in Delhi; usually armed with an exhaustive list that immediately twitches both muscles at the side of Salim’s mouth, framed by some minuscule overgrown facial hair – too little to be considered a mustache let alone beard – so why, oh why does dear ol’ brother Salim bothers with it? {I guess this is one of the few common quirky traits of men, we women chose not to even bother understanding as it’s not worth the effort.}

PHaque Janpath New Delhi 00

{p}.Haque with friends in December 2007

Digital photo © {p}.Haque – All Rights Reserved

This time around I broke three golden rules I sort off made up for myself over time before visiting Brother Salim (+(91)-(11)-23326468):

Rule #1

I went empty handed and tried rattling by memory books and authors I would be interested in – not much success in the 3:40pm heat with mom looking restless.

Rule #2

For the first time, I did not take photos of this amazing structure that one can hardly call a shop though technically it does have ‘walls’, a roof with mounted fan and fluorescent lights, and a {raised} floor that’s brilliant for garbage chocked drains in monsoon season.

Rule #3

I asked Salim for a discount! blatantly ignoring the huge manila cardboard sign that says “NO DISCOUNTS”. How disgraceful … but I was seriously running low on rupees with mom buying half of Chandhi ChowkDilli Hatt and Sunder Nagar up, having not visited Lajpat yet.


So, having only bought 6 books this time around, my thirst is far from quench and today when mr. CNN responded to my ping and left me a message that went along the lines of: Skoob is in Malaysia”, my reaction was “No way!” “Seriously no way!”

Thank god for Google {what would this world be without Google, I often wondered, though we’ve only had google for a decade and a half now?}

Skoob is indeed in Malaysia! after having gone through what appears many reincarnations and relocation. For those who do not know, Skoob is like the best-est second hand bookstore in London. Russel Square to be exact. Stocked to the brim, Skoob comes with a charm that’s … well, eccentric due to the … err… well, eccentric characters it draws. {calling a spade a spade}

And did I say, Skoob was founded by a Malaysian? yeah – the London one. – reinforcing Malaysia’s most disgustingcliche Malaysia Boleh! So if you want to “Skoob” dirt-cheap books and stumble upon classics, visit Skoob at: Lot 122 & 123, Menara Mutiara Majestic, Jalan Othman, Petaling Jaya, Selangor


Any place that need a power boasting name like mutiara + majestic, immediately translates to dodgy place! dodgy place! dodgy place! Since, I’ve personally not been there, I can’t confirm this suspicion of mine, but this theory always applies especially when it comes to hotels. So, caveat emptor! .

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

but for now, back to the OTHER BOOKSHOPS in and around Connaught Place, DELHI

{this is not meant to be an exhaustive list or a promotional list, but shops I had shopped in or had attracted my interest in no particular order}

 New Book Land: Janpath Market

Bargain Book Store: Shop no. 1, Mini Market, Janpath

Famous Book Store: 25, Janpath Market

Cambridge Book Depot: 3, Regal Building

People’s Tree Bookshop: 8, Regal Building

Oxford Book Store: Statesman House, Barakhamba Road

Anup’s Book Stall: Opposite Shaw & Shaw, N Block

Teksons Bookshop: N-17, Outer Circle

Amrit Book Company: N-21, Outer Circle

Mehta Bandhu: N-40-A, Outer Circle

Delhi Book Company: M-12, Outer Circle

The English Book Depot: L-17, Outer Circle

People’s Publishing House: G Block, Outer Circle

Anil Book Corner: H Block, next to PVR Plaza, Middle Circle

New Book Depot: B-18, Inner Circle

ED Galgotia & Sons: B-17, Inner Circle

Central News Agency: P-20, behind Shivaji Stadium bus terminus

Rajiv Book House: 30, Palika Bazaar

Whilst there are quite a number of interesting {bargain} bookstores in Palika Bazaar, I never went back after the first time when I literally ran for my life when some chaos broke as a result of my fellow male travelers resisting being mugged! This experience is in no way a yardstick as to how dangerous or unsafe Palika Bazaar, Connaught Place or Delhi is coz quite frankly this very same guy was nearly mugged in Pigalle, Paris  and on the bus returning from Pisa {the leaning towers} to Pisa Airport!


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