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Why I Bot 20 Moleskine City Notebooks?

I am not a big fan of Moleskine.

Ironically, I’ve always wanted a Moleskine for the longest of time … but as a student, I was too poor for a fancy notebook.

As an adult, they didn’t sell it in my part of the world until a few years back … and still, at an average of MYR100 (USD 33) I AM still too poor for a fancy notebook.

And when I was finally persuaded to get the Travel Journal {read HERE}, fact is I was disappointed with the almost onion paper thin paper quality, the restrictions imposed by the 5-themed sections and 5-tab sections to personalised. In short, it was the “pain” I had to face having chosen to buying it online and not being able to see, touch and feel!

PHaque Moleskine06

However, the real truth is: I am not one who journals!


Sure, I make travel journals from scrapbooking stuff … but often I NEVER complete them with the photos and notations and knick knacks and what not! lol … just when you thought otherwise.

Sure, I blog about my travels and often in great lengths and details, but believe it or not, all of them are from memory! So yeah, I have elephant memory when it suits me… I have the ability to regurgitate selective subject matters when necessary.

And though I bought it for the Balkans, I had left home without it.

I have not penned anything about the Balkans in it, but tried my hand with the trip I had made to Sri Lanka for the tooth fairy festival in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Digital photo © {p}.Haque – All Rights Reserved – click to enlarge

But today, I bought a total of 20 Moleskine City Notebooks online – yes, I don’t necessarily learn from mistakes!

And googling I found out that:

228 pages

a fair bit thicker than the usual plain Moleskine … but rather than having to chose between the Moleskine and the sunglasses or phone to be fitted into the purse, I decided to solve the potential “issue” by getting a Moleskine Shell

36 pages of maps (including an alphabetical list of streets)

why 36 pages? And it’s seriously doubtful to be replacements of detailed street map

76 blank pages 

that’s a HUGE reduction for serious journaling Moleskine owners; i.e. going from 192 pages to a mere 76 pages – but no pain for me here – what do I do with 76 blank pages anyways???!?

32 removable pages 

the website says “for loose notes and exchanging messages”. Now, that’s totally absurd! It costs two kidneys (or usually does, but not applicable to my recent mad purchase) … so why on earth would I want to tear any page out? Even if I’m seriously desperate, there’s always the back of a napkin, some toilet paper, edges of the newspaper … and ok, in instances of real desperation, I could rip off part of a page – so why 32 pages???!?!?!

12 translucent sticky sheets

ahhhh who knows? you might get the impulse to “draw over routes” I guess

96 page archive with tabs and adhesive labels to personalise the tabs

but why? Moleskines are about chronologically organized notes and thoughts – no? why would I want to restrict myself to “5-themed sections” again? 

PHaque Moleskine03


And so the question that begs to be answered is:

why did I buy 20 Moleskine City Notebooks?

Well, you’d got to be a retard not to if they’re going for MYR 25 each (USD 8 each)!




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