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TRAVEL MAPS: Crumpled City

This has got to be the best-est thing ever!

OK. Maybe not the best, let alone best-est ever … but it’s truly cool and practical.

I can’t live without a map when I’m traveling. But I don’t exactly like digitally downloaded maps. This in part has to do with a bias I have cultivated from bad experiences with a borrowed GPS, followed by rented GPS with 3 to 4 seconds lag in Romania and another GPS that only spoke Italian! The English option was evidently broken, or it could well have been a case of ‘user error’ with me being unable to read or comprehend Italian, other than those taught as part of my music classes and on an Italian restaurant’s menu.

But my adversed reaction towards having maps downloaded on my smart phone and/or tablet has a lot to do with the fact that I do not normally bring them along with me on my non-business travels. And if I do, I don’t want to ring up a huge international data bill on a service which is paid for by my company.

Hence, the discovery of the Crumpled City Maps was one of those amazing gems you get in a hay stack of many useless gadgets and invention out there to day … and thus, I have a responsibility to share it!

Crumpled City 00

Made from some sort of special technological material, these full-color maps can be opened and closed in just two seconds. As expected from all maps, these maps provide details about streets, monuments, museums, galleries and the usual historical places and parks that can be easily found. However, what sets it apart from your regular map is the original listing of the city’s Soulsights; i.e. 10 proposed places that is unique to the place by virtue of it being filled with intense emotions that are brought to life by the people passing through, living or stopping off in them. Even if you’re not artistically inclined, the places will leave you feeling like an artist, poet, photographer, director … dreamer.

Having said all of that, what I truly love about the Crumpled City Maps (not the price as it’s steep by my weak seashells currency standards) is the fact that the maps are built to be bullied and ill treated. It withstands my tantrums of ripping maps into shreds and since I will not be caught with an umbrella (I have more disutility carrying one than getting drenched), the Crumpled City Maps makes great rain cover too!

They can be bought straight out of Palomar’s online store – and while you’re at it, check out the ZoomArt too! Don’t have it, but am extremely tempted to have it.



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