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TRAVEL BOOKS: This is … by M.Sasek

Fact is: it’s highly debateable if the “This Is” series by Miroslav Sasek falls under the category of Travel or Children when it comes to books.

I first stumbled upon it in 2008 on the internet in the entry “I like M.Sasek” and little more is known about him.

It was a few years later than I came across a fan page devoted to him by Anna who had picked up M.Sasek’s This is London in a bargain bin and later ‘discovered’ him on the internet at the same as well. I finally got my This is London copy and I intend to buy all the rest of it too!

Highly pictorial, highlights of each destination are presented in vivid colour through the rest of the book with an emphasis on tourist hotspots, local transport and national dress (particularly the different cultures that inhabit each place). Although it is drawn in the 1950s Eastern European style, the books are as fresh and inspiring. For those who are wondering, children books illustration is something that I’d had penned down in my Bucket List way back in college.

This is books

This is Paris (1959,  to be reissued 2004)  

This is London (1959,  to be reissued 2004)

This is Rome (1960)

This is New York (1960, reissued 2003) – read this online or order from

This is Edinburgh (1961)

This is Munich (1961)

This is Venice (1961)

This is San Francisco (1962, reissued 2003) – order from

This is Israel (1962)

This is Cape Canaveral (1963)   (Also published as This is Cape Kennedy)

This is Ireland (1964)

This is Hong Kong (1965)

This is Greece (1966)

This is Texas (1967)

This is the United Nations (1968)

This is Washington, D.C. (1969)

This is Australia (1970)

This is Historic Britain (1974)

All published by W. H. Allen in the UK, Macmillan in the US and various other publishers worldwide.


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