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MY TRAVEL DIARY: Jalan Ipoh Heritage Walk

First and foremost, it wasn’t exactly a heritage walk to begin with, hence heritage in ” “

However, the fact that it was along a back lane that was an off road of Jalan Kasipillay, off Jalan Ipoh, it is indeed as heritage as it can be by my standards … so much for being born and bred in the Klang Valley.

As is always the case – and unclear to me – all “exploration” that extends beyond the family comfort zone is always done with either the Perodua or the Proton. Somehow only canvas bags were allowed and we always brought a water bottle with us … almost as if there was a high probability of us being  stranded with no amenities!

Thank God by now both my sister and I are way too old to be reminded that we have to ease ourselves before the ‘journey’ to the unknown. And yes, we no longer get reminded about the importance of rationing the water in the water bottle as well.

In any case it was a “heritage walk”, visiting 3 artisan shops: a book binder, a paper artist and a baker. It was organised by the baker.

Illustration by Tracy Hetzel

Illustration by Tracy Hetzel


Mom, who’s an avid sourdough follower and baker herself had read about Tommy le Baker some months back; first a verbal translation of a chinese newspaper article, and then later in The Star, I think.

If mom is the Queen, she would bestow all bakers with the QBE.

So naturally, this Tommy bloke’s credentials and ingenuity was something I had quite gotten used to by now and knew that at some point a trip to his bakery must be organised.

{also worth noting that his feature article in The Star newspaper seems to have excited mom more than my own countless, yes COUNTLESS features in The Star newspaper over the years … not to mention radio and TV interviews! Bah … but never mind that … I too may have more qualifications and awards but none involved flour and water. So you see, I am not worthy a QBE.}

Thus, with the invitation for a Heritage Walk out, there was no chance of me backing out even with a migraine. Interestingly though, yoga took a backseat that faithful Saturday and lunch was served at 11:00 am to ensure that we girls were all bundled out of the door by 12:00 noon.  .

Grouchy as I always am on the weekends at the prospect of my shattered dreams of a leisurely weekend which in my mind translates to me kicking back in my equivalent of a “man cave”, a big bar of creamy chocolate in hand and the nearest homo sapien being at a safe distance of 50 meters radius to ensure that my stare into nothingness is not disrupted … didn’t I say it was a dream? … I was perplexed at the need for 2 hours to get to the city.

But nonetheless, it was a good thing her persistence and our unexplainable fear of mom got my sister and I going without much fuss. We naturally got lost and when the car travels at its best at 60 kilometres an hour, there is really the need for the 2 hours travel time.  .

And when we did finally pull in to the back lane that ‘houses’ some 10-odd shops, a third being Indian restaurants, and another third being Indian provisions stores for pooja, textile and food … we had to refrain ourselves from entering the paper craft studio and the bakery that was easily spotted and visible for the parking spot. I mean, what else are we going to do if we visited both of them before the designated Heritage Walk start time?

Digital Photograph by Penelope Haque | All Rights Reserved

Digital Photograph by Penelope Haque | All Rights Reserved

So with 10 minutes to kill, we bought a latte and the house cake – La Joconde – which was heavenly and sinfully fattening! The walk itself was no more than 200 steps.

The artisans themselves were …

Let’s just say, I can bind a book.

I can make paper from pulp.

I can bake breads and patisserie … including sourdough and artisan bread. .

Hence, the walk did not grab me, nor did the items that were produced and sold.

Being the OCD I am and the self critic, I studied the produce closely and though I won’t share the exact comments here, let’s just say we, Malaysians need to travel and explore the world more to truly understand what it means to produce things of quality. .

But what really made my day was discovering a photography-computer center on the second floor of one of the shop lots that provides courses in both areas. Upon speaking to one of the staff member who was obviously diligently looking at the CCTV recordings rather than playing solitaire to know that I had picked up a brochure on the ground floor, it appears that I am able to change and customise the web programming course to suit my need!


Though this is a far shot at me being Magento* expert to work on my new web-base venture {having failed to attract and secure a right programmer for nearly a year now} …

This may just be the beginning of a solution to my long drawn suffering of outsourcing website maintenance.

This may just put an end to my need of looking for a geeky and highly intelligent programmer who would say “i do” so that I’ll have more control over my outsourcing computer programming needs!

if by any fluke you are a Magento expert please contact me!!!

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