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My Bucket List at 18


I suppose all college kids (naive and idealistic) goes through it… and I was no exception when I gave in and wrote myself a rather exhaustive list of “To Dos” in my life.

Stumbling upon it in late October 2007, I decided to “tick” off my accomplishments which needless to say left me depressed then.

Today, my Bucket List have somehow changed, but I still found it nice to revisit the younger me who wrote these down [in no particular order] and thought I would share it here:


1. Visit the following places:

  • Taj Mahal [Jan 2008]
  • Cairo Citadel [1999]
  • Pyramid of Giza & Sphinx [1999 – Note to self: must do the full works again]
  • Angkor Wat [2006]
  • Machu Picchu
  • Stonehenge
  • Petra – the Nabatean empire
  • Red Sea [tested & floated 1999]
  • Galapagos Islands
  • African Safari – Serengeti Migration if possible  [2012, 2013]
  • Amazon rainforest
  • Alhambra [2001]
  • Borobudur & Prambanan [1996]
  • Venice during the Carneval [2007]
  • Hadrians Wall by road [twice between 2000 to 2004]
  • routes along the Trans-Siberia rail – from Shanghai/Beijing to Moscow or other way around [possibly 2013 if we don’t end up killing one another before the trip commences]
  • semi-active volcano [Probollingo and Mount Merapi 1996]
  • Outback Australia via Train
  • Central Asia with a 4WD Expedition
  • authentic Arabian tea house and bazaar [1999 – smoked shishak and danced]

2. Things to do : 

  • Attend a World Cup Match and complete watching the entire season on TV [1998 France-UK]
  • Meet Salman Rushdie in person
  • Home-stay in a French Chateau for a week
  • Attend a photo camp by Steve McCurry  [did Ami Vitale 2009, will be attending Maggie Steber in 2013; not hot about Stevie now]
  • Go alcohol free [since 2000]
  • купите kompakt камеру в России – Buy a KOMPAKT camera in Russia (St. Petersburg)
  • Go to law school [2003 – proudly dropped out a year later!]
  • Write and publish a travellog or book [2013 in progress … fingers crossed]
  • Watch a tuna auction!
  • Attend a cricket Test Series
  • Participate in a LOMO Convention
  • Take medicine [2006 – accepted in Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy but aborted plans]
  • Learn children book illustration formally
  • Volunteer as a NGO and be more involved in charitable and fundraising work [the latter ongoing]
  • Do more for the environment
  • Take up shooting as a sport [2005]
  • прочитайте Анну Кейрнина (Лео Толстой) на русском языке – Read Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina in Russian [2013, but in English]
  • Be a good mother, wife, and compatible companion to a kind, talented and amazing guy



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