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GEEK TALK: Plane Finder

This is seriously taking stalking to the next level! is a surreal website that shows you planes flying in the sky real time.

Click on any random coloured “birds” on the map and you will get details about the route and some basic information about the aircraft (e.g. airline, type, flight no., route, course, altitude …) and even a nice visualisation of it.

If you are seriously stalking, you can filter the main map by airlines or even search for a specific flights.

And if you’re geek-y enough like me, you’d notice that you can’t get any plane information of those “birds” floating across masses of blue seas. Well, a little more exploration on the website and I soon discovered (under the “HowPlaneFinderWorks” tab) that PlaneFinder uses land receivers that picks up feeds coming from planes close by. So, I can safely conclude that there are no receivers in the oceans.



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